Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Justin Beiber – Beauty and the Beat Cover by Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza

"Beauty And A Beat" - Justin Bieber (Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza Cover)

Back from a quick hiatus with this really awesome cover of Justin Beiber’s song Beauty and the Beat by Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza. It’s always amazing just the sheer talent that exists out there. The fact that if it weren’t for the internet, or some singing competitions, these people would never be heard. While Alex Goot sounds amazing as always, I’m blown away by some of the runs that Chrissy does.

You can check out Kurt’s channel, Chrissy’s channel, and Alex’s channel, for more great videos.

Posted on Nov 11, 2012

Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath Cover by Alex Goot & Against The Current

"Catch My Breath" - Kelly Clarkson - Official Cover Video (Alex Goot & Against The Current)

It’s an absolutely wonderful thing when you come across a cover that is just so awesome that you can’t stop listening to it. Kelly Clarkson’s latest single Catch My Breath is a pretty sweet song. However, Alex Goot and Against The Current’s cover of Catch My Breath is just amazing. The video is very simple, and really is nothing more than it needs to be. The vocal from Alex and Chrissy are just fantastic.

Posted on Aug 5, 2012

10 Best Covers: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson – Good Time

1. Bri Heart & Jervy Hou

What comes to mind you think of having a good time? A day at Disney comes to mind. Which is just what Bri Heart and Jervy Hou did for their cover of Good Time. Everyone is still a kid at heart when you are at Disney.

2. At Sunset

I think a requirement for covering Good Time is that you actually look like you are having a good time. Including a bunch of your friends in the video doesn’t hurt either.

3. Jason Chen & Tiffany Alvord

Jason Chen just has one of those voices with incredible range. Both Jason and Tiffany have smooth as butter vocals on their cover.

4. Ali Brustofski

Ali Brustofsky’s cover is pitch perfect.

5. Megan Nicole

Big congrats to Megan on reaching a million subscribers! No better way than to celebrate with a super fun and cute cover of Good Time.

6. Alex Goot & Against The Current

Yes I posted this just a couple weeks ago. But it definitely deserves a spot in the 10 best covers of Good Time. Chrissy’s personality really comes through.

7. Not Profane & Caylana

Not Profane and Caylana always look like they’re having a good time in their videos. So it’s very fitting for them to cover the song. Caylana’s voice is always amazing to listen to.

8. Caitlin Hart & Jake Coco

We already know how amazing Jake Coco is. So I’ll just focus on Caitlin. She does an amazing job. Her vocals sound great. There’s something very unique about her sound that really sets her apart from other singers.

9. Melanie Wehbe

There isn’t a cover yet that I haven’t seen Melani utterly nail. She could literally sing the phone book.

10. The Role Call

These guys have one of the best acoustic covers of Good Time. Their harmonies together sound great.

Posted on Jul 21, 2012

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time Cover by Alex Goot & Against The Current

"Good Time" - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Official Cover video (Alex Goot & Against The Current)

Everyone loves a catchy feel good summer song. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s song Good Time is certainly one of those summer anthems that is extremely catchy and fun to sing along with. I love it when a really great cover comes along. Alex Goot is undoubtedly a great musician. In his cover of Good Time he brings in new to the scene NY pop/rock band Against The Current.

Their lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza maybe young, but she has some real natural on camera talent. That’s one of the things I love best about this cover video is just how comfortable she looks in it with Alex. And her vocals sound great too.

Check out Alex Goot and Against The Current on YouTube.

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe Cover by Alex Goot, Dave Days, & Chad Sugg

"Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen (Alex Goot, Dave Days, Chad Sugg COVER)

A few weeks ago I featured Alex G and Eppic covering Carly Rae Jepson’s catchy tune Call Me Maybe. It is still my favorite cover, but Alex Goot, Dave Days, and Chad Sugg, have released a cover of Call Me Maybe that is very well done. Their version goes in quite a different direction than the original and Alex G’s with a more rock edge, which I love and makes it just as unique.

These guys are incredibly great singers. Obviously they couldn’t take the same approach as others since the song is meant to be sung by a woman. Sure it’s a little weird, three guys singing Call Me Maybe. But the way they go about creating a video to go with the song is cool. Alex and Chad are both on a couch watching Dave on TV, wanting to be just like him. Then boom, Dave pops out of the TV and is in their living room rocking out. It’s a really easy listening to more than once. That’s a good sign you’ve create a really great cover.